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From my love of the sheep to that of the German Shepard there was only a short step.
Since this was the dog that was to guard my beloved sheep.

I received my first dog from a neighbour at the age of five. My passion for the breed
developed rapidly due to the company provided by the dog along with its usefulness.
I decided to purchase a female pedigree number LOI 525.

Later I learned that a German Shepard Club had been founded in Italy and I immediately
joined the SAS (Sociatá Amatori Schaferhunde) member number 15.

At the age of ten I had my first litter and from that moment I dedicated myself
to the selection and breeding of German Shepard.

My interest in sheep brought me to the Industrial School for master weavers.
I then founded a company specializing in sportswear fabrics.
Being now retired from business I spend my time exclusively breeding German Shepard successfully.

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Gabriele Pettinaroli

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